Saturday, 1 August 2015

What do people say about Wacky Words?

My latest children's book has been out for a few months now so it's time to see what some reviewers have said...

Friday, 5 June 2015

WACKY WORDS is here!

Oh my goshness, this book was so much fun to write:

It's now out there on the bookshelves in your local store or friendly tax-paying website. It the third book in the series that has already won the Blue Peter Book Award and it's waiting for you to read and enjoy.
What's it about? Well MUCH more than words....

Have you been to Muckle Flugga?
Do you know what a courjet is?
Why is your bottom in your middle?
Does CIA mean ‘custard is awesome?’
Can you say, ‘Three free throws’ quickly?
What’s special about wet stew?
Do you know what Ubbi Dubbi is?
  • Find out how to play Ognib and Yabba Yabba
  • Meet Dooby Scoo, Old Gobbo and Two-Metre Peter
  • Discover what a bush telly and a gut buster are
  • Find out the meaning of kludge, zyxt and schnozzle
  • Have fun with Stickipedia, poopo and belly jeans
Here is a feast of jokes, riddles, games, wacky words, punny poems, nutty names, tongue-twisters, funny nonsense, witty wordplay and much more.

Enjoy these snippets:

Read an extract and download a fun free activity pack here!

Buy from Waterstones, Bloomsbury or Amazon

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Hay Fever

Last week was my first visit to the Hay Festival and WOW! My experience was extra special because I was performing there on the final Saturday in the BBC tent as part of the Blue Peter Book Awards 15th anniversary celebration event. The festival is just fantastic in terms of the buzz about books that fills the whole site each day. There is just so much to see, so many great authors around and so many superb events to choose from.

The site is just outside the charming small town of Hay-on-Wye, right on the Welsh border and surrounded by delightful countryside. It's bookshop heaven amongst the wooded hills! The festival site is a huge tented village with thousands of happy book-potty kids and adults roaming around trying to decide which event to go to next.

It was very exciting to be in the Green Room alongside lots of feted names from the world of both adult literature and children's books. There are the TV celebs too but they spend most of their time staring at smartphones. I met several lovely kids' writers and illustrators, covering the full range from teenies' picture books to dark YA thrillers. The food is great too!

My Blue Peter event included the other BPBA winner the brilliant and funny Pamela Butchart along with her excellent illustrator Thomas Flintham plus the extra-nice CBBC presenter Katie Thisleton who hosted our session. Here we all are, micced up before we went in:

Katie, Pamela, Thomas and Andy (me!)
 The BBC tent quickly filled up and we had a lot of fun during the event sharing our favourite bits from our books, talking about what it was like to win the awards (Tom did a jig of delight) and answering questions from the hugely enthusiastic audience. I also shared some 'True or False facts' where the audience had to spot real from fake - loads of fun. My fav fake fact was that The Titanic weighed the same as 600,000 Justin Biebers (it's more like 850,000!). The book signing afterwards was busy but loads of fun. These are the days that authors dream about!

Pamela excited about something!
I also managed to get to three other events while I was at Hay: I saw the very funny John Dougherty, the witty Michael de Souza (creator of Rastamouse) and the amazing Meek Family who gave a fantastic talk all about doing 100 Family Adventures in one year. The two girls Amy and Ella were superb speakers and it was great to meet them afterwards and sign a copy of The Anti-Boredom Book for them. It's well worth visiting their website - they are so inspiring.

The Amazing and brilliant Meek Family
Well, that's enough about Hay - I can't recommend it enough and I shall be there next year I really hope!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Author events for 2015

Well, it's an exciting time here in my small writing room in the untamed hills of North Yorkshire. My second children's novel, Prankenstein vs Yankenstein is now in the shops (see previous post) and this morning yet another new book popped through the letterbox - an advance copy of the next title in THE SILLY BOOK series. This one is a book of wordplay and is full of excellent jokes, funnies, tongue-twisters, rhymes and witty word games. You can pre-order here.

Published June 4th 2015
And there are quite a few author events coming up, so if you want to meet Andy, have a giggle, get a signed book, ask a question or just be where the action is, here are the details:

Thurs May 7th

Dulwich Books London, 4-5pm
Book Signing for Prankenstein vs Yankenstein.
Come get a signed copy of Andy's funny new kids' story about two prank-playing beasties. (bookshop website)

Thurs May 7th

Tales on Moon Lane, Herne Hill, London, 6.30-8.30pm
Book Launch for Prankenstein vs Yankenstein.
Come get a signed copy of Andy's funny new kids' story about two prank-playing beasties.

Saturday May 9th

Salvation Army Church, Norton, North Yorks, 7-9pm
Concert for Christian Aid
Andy will be performing some of his new comic poems for all ages.

Wed May 27th (half-term)

Worksop Library 11-12
Mansfield Library 2-3pm
Silly Stuff family events x2
An hour of facts, fun, jokes, pranks and more fun - Worksop details here, Mansfield here.

Saturday May 30th

Hay Festival, Hay-on-Wye, BBC Tent 10-11am
Blue Peter Book Awards celebration
A special event from the BBC to celebrate 15 years of the Blue Peter Book Awards. Book early for this exciting FREE event - details here.

Saturday 13th June

Medieval Festival, Thirsk Racecourse 10.30-12.00 noon (with White Rose Books)
Book signing
A chance to get a crisp shiny SIGNED new copy of Andy's new book The Silly Book of Weird and Wacky Words

Saturday 13th June

Waterstones, York 2-4pm
Book signing
ANOTHER chance to get a crisp shiny SIGNED new copy of Andy's new book The Silly Book of Weird and Wacky Words

And later in the year...

9-11th Oct: Ryedale Book Festival (website)

17th Oct: Summer Reading Challenge Party, Leeds (details to follow)

28th Nov: Books on Tyne Festival, with Anne Fine, David Almond & Robin Stevens (website)

Monday, 30 March 2015


Well, writers are always working on something and last year was an especially busy one for me with no fewer than three children's books published. But I was also working on the sequel to my first children's novel Prankenstein and I'm very excited to have a copy of the new book in my hands, fresh from the printers!

The original story, Prankenstein, was the tale of a prank-mad boy called Soapy and his two friends (twins from Estonia) who set themselves up as detectives to try and discover the mystery of a strange and crazy creature who is driving the town round the bend with outrageous, funny pranks. When the trio track down Prankenstein they come in for a mighty shock.

The new book features the same characters and is called PRANKENSTEIN VS YANKENSTEIN!

In this story Soapy's American cousin, a tanned and mega-sassy girl called Topazz, comes to stay with the family and all is going well until Soapy finds himself chained to a loo seat one morning when he wakes up. Soapy is convinced it must be prank-fan Topazz but she strongly denies it. The two fall out and it's not long before things get really hairy when another horrible prank-playing monster comes on the scene. Soapy's friends, the Twince, try to help him but Soapy is thinking the unthinkable: to unleash Prankenstein. Can the planet survive a clash between these two hoaxy beasts?

Like Book 1, the story has lots of laughs, twists, mysteries, chases, fun and astonishing pranks. Here's what some newspaper reviewers had to say:

There are more brilliant illustrations from Richard Morgan too:


Prankenstein vs Yankenstein will appeal to any boy or girl or 8-11 who loves to laugh and likes an exciting adventure with crazy goings-on. As well as pranks it features cheese, chickens, a bike-bath combo, Harrods, eggs, missiles, custard, and yellow-bellied sapsuckers - what more could you possibly want?

The book is published on 14th April and you can pre-order it now from your local bookshop. Or you can buy it online from the usual places such as Waterstones and Amazon (have a look at Hive too).

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Being on Blue Peter

Well, WHAT an exciting week I have had! When I was young I never missed watching every episode of legendary kids' TV show Blue Peter - everyone was the same. Those were the glory days of the great John Noakes and the highly respectable Valerie Singleton who each week in the early 70s would assemble a working model of a nuclear power station from a few wire coat hangers and an egg box (or so it seemed to my innocent mind). It was great stuff - I mean, come on, look at their HAIR:

Peter Purves's shirt is pretty snazzy too.

So it was a very special moment for me on Thurs 5th March 2015 (World Book Day) when I appeared live on the programme to pick up a BLUE PETER BOOK AWARD for Best Book With Facts, for The Silly Book of Side-Splitting Stuff. Wow, it doesn't get much more exciting than that.

The winning book!

The day began early at MediaCityUK in Salford/Manchester with an appearance on Newsround when Lindsay from Blue Peter announced the winners. I met the winner of the Best Story category, the lovely Pamela Butchart and we both sat in front of the cameras to be interviewed and to say how we felt about winning. It was hard not to get carried away and do lots of whooping!

Me, Pamela, Lindsay and Jenny
It was quite nerve-wracking being on live TV but we got through without too many gaffes or moments of being tongue-tied and then it was onto the Blue Peter studio to meet the other presenters, Barney and Radzi, and the show's editor and producers - they were all amazingly friendly, helpful and good fun. First we had a look round at the CBBC and Cbeebies sets before grabbing some pics of the Blue Peter studio. I also met up with The Silly Book's brilliant illustrator Scott Garrett - writers don't often meet their illustrators so this was a treat for both of us. Oh, and they gave us our BADGES.

Then we had several rehearsals for appearing live on the show at 5.30. We met fab Children's Laureate Malorie Blackman, who would present the awards and also the children in the studio who had helped pick the winners (what smart, smart kids...).

The badges are bigger than you think...
Then it was the anxious moment while the show started and we waited behind the famous BP doors ready for our cue to step in front of the TV cameras... LIVE!

Waiting to go on: Pamela Butchart along with Thomas and Scott, founder members of the Hairy Illustrators Club 
Suddenly we were ushered through into the studio and were given our awards by Malorie Blackman - I was ginning so much that some of my back teeth were dislodged. We answered a couple of quick questions and felt rather special... Malorie was given a GOLD badge!

Between us we have just the right amount of hair...
Then, suddenly, the end of the show arrived and we had the first chance to look at the glass trophies and pose for some pics while dodging Radzi's shaving foam.

Scott Garrett and Andy Seed: proud creators of a Silly Book
We also had a chance to get some selfies and pics with the presenters, guests and rabble in the studio.

Barney's Miss Trunchbull costume was a highlight - here's some of the padding
So, there we are, a very exciting day for an author indeed. You can read more about the winning books here:

BBC News
and here:
The Guardian Book News

And you can buy a copy of the Silly Book and see what all the fuss is about at your local bookshop or online from:
Bloomsbury or Waterstones or The Book People or Amazon (indie is best, tax avoiders worst!)